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This is a follow up to my earlier post on Blockchain Concepts which I realized was not  very helpful (and pointed out by the group of blockchain enthusiasts I belong to).  The discussion on the mind map led to the idea of having baseline reading materials, online preferred, for blockchain knowledge. Given how vocal the group was I obliged and assembled a handy and potentially dated reading list which I offer to you.

But first, some assumptions:

  1. I don’t know where you are on this knowledge ladder so I will assume the basics are to be covered.
  2. All of the listed materials are in the public domain. There are probably books with better explanations and details, but those are hard to share without breaking some eggs.
  3. What I have accumulated so far may not be enough, so some initiative will be required to expand particular areas.
  4. This subject does not take kindly to dilettantes. At some point theory will come into play (I am thinking about whitepapers full of math).
  5. Is very likely there are many other untapped sources of knowledge.
  6. Watching videos is better for big picture, comprehension and not falling to sleep. Reading is better for fine details.
  7. Readers have some familiarity with the basics of crypto: types of encryption, digital signature, hashes and so on. This may need its own leveling up.
  8. Lastly: huge assumption on the structure of the blockchain conceptual landscape. This will obviously need to evolve so please contribute.


Here is an attempt for an organized reading list, which I liberally and shamelessly borrowed from the Bits on Blocks blog (my many thanks to whoever wrote all that) covering a lot of content,
The blockchain 101


What it is good for:


Blockchain application: Smart Contracts


Blockchain application: Digital Assets


Blockchain Protocols


If you think there is something else out there I could add let me know (free and in electronic format please).


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