This is a white paper on the ICO and architecture of a utility Cyber Privacy Coin targeting GDPR compliance via Proof of …. Gotcha!

If you came here expecting an ICO white paper for some sort of cyber coin then prepare for disappointment. I don’t intend to do such thing in the foreseeable future.

The white paper is about the impacts of Blockchain Technology to the practice and profession of Information Security,  or Cyber Security if so you prefer ( I don’t agree with that, but hey to each their own!)

Why am I spending time writing this? Because I have not found any coverage to my liking, and from the point of view of an Info(Cyber) Security professional.  Most discussions are around cryptojacking and bitcoin evil ways, while ignoring important research such as “cryptoeconomics”, just to name one.

Now that you are here as my captive audience please have a look and agree,  disagree, or just ignore it as it is not an ICO.

I am still adding and refining content while hoping for collaboration requests. That’s why the paper is in Github and written in Asciidoc. Maybe I get a book deal out of it (I wish!).

Without further ado here is the link to the repository: https://github.com/BlockSecCA/Security-Whitepaper